Chang, Gyu Tae

Position : Professor, Department of Oriental Pediatrics, Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gang Dong, Seoul, Korea

Specialty : Developmental disability & Short stature, Feeble health children & adolescents, Precocious puberty    


  • College of Korean Medicine, Dongguk University, .Korea(KMD)
  • Dongguk University Oriental Hospital, Korea(Korean Pediatrics training)
  • Graduate School of Korean Medicine, Dongguk University. Korea(Ph D)

Experience : 

  • Clinical Research Fellow, Dongguk University Oriental Hospital, Korea
  • Assistant Professor, Dongguk University Oriental Hospital, Korea
  • Auditor, The Society of Korean Medicine. Korea
  • Director, The Assiciation of Korean Medicine. Korea
  • Vice president, The Association of Pediatric of Korean Medicine(current)
  • Editor, The Journal of Pediatrics of Korean Medicine(current)

Research papers/ Book chapters :


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