BAE, Chong-Woo

Position : Professor, Department of Pediatrics Chairman, Mother & Infant Care Center

Specialty :

  •  Infants diseases, premature child care, Infants intensive care, genetic diseases


Education :

  • 1978: Medical College, Kyunghee University
  • 1988: PhD, Post-graduate School, Kyunghee University
  • 1979-1983: Residency, Kynghee University Hospital

Experience :

  • Iwate Medical University, Japan (Visiting Prof.)
  • Editor-in Chief, Korean Journal of Pediatrics
  • President, Korean Society of Neonatology
  • Member, National Academy of Medicine of Korea
  • Chairman, Committee for publication ethics of KAMJE
  • Editor, Clin Exp Vaccine Research

Research papers/ Book chapters :

  • Neonatal epidemiology in Korea (Shinhueng Medical Pub., 2013)
  • Neonatal care (Shinhueng Medical Pub., 2010)
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