KIM , Yang Gyun

Position : Professor, Department of nephrology

Specialty :

  • Hemodialysis
  • Nephritis, Glomerulonephritis
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes mellitus

Education :

  • School of Medicine, Kyung Hee University, Korea(MD)
  • Kyung Hee University Hospital, Seoul, Korea(Internal medicine training)
  • Graduate School of Medicine, Kyung Hee University(PhD)

Experience :

  • International researcher in Juntendo University Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
  • Fellow training in KyunHee University Hospital at Gang-dong
  • Professor, Department of Nephrology, Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gang Dong, Seoul, Korea

Research papers/ Book chapters : 

  • Systematic biomarker discovery and coordinative validation for different primary nephrotic syndromes using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A. 2016;1453(1):105-115)
  • Elevated serum immunoglobulin E level as a marker for progression of immunoglobulin A nephropathy (Kidney Research and Clinical Practice. 2016;35(3):147-151)    
  • The Predictive Role of Serum Triglyceride to High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Ratio According to Renal Function in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction (PLoS ONE. 2016;11(10):1-16)
  • Plasma endocan level and prognosis of immunoglobulin A nephropathy (Kidney Research and Clinical Practice. 2016;35(3):152-159)   
  • Sequential activation of the intrarenal renin-angiotensin system in the progression of hypertensive nephropathy in Goldblatt rats (AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-RENAL PHYSIOLOGY. 2016;311(1):195-206)  
  • The dose-dependent organ-specific effects of a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor on cardiovascular complications in a model of type 2 diabetes (PLoS ONE. 2016;11(3):1-13)
  • Association Interleukin-4 and Interleukin-4 Receptor Gene Polymorphism and Acute Rejection and Graft Dysfunction After Kidney Transplantation (TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS. 2016;48(3):813-819)
  • Complete Remission of Nephrotic Syndrome Without Resolution of Amyloid Deposit After Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha Therapy in a Patient With Ankylosing Spondylitis (JCR-JOURNAL OF CLINICAL RHEUMATOLOGY. 2016;22(2):86-88)
  • Significant Association between Toll-Like Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Posttransplantation Diabetes Mellitus (NEPHRON. 2016;133(4):279-286)
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  • etc.