SONG, Jeong-Yoon

Position : Professor, Department of Breast & Thyroid Surgery, Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gang Dong, University of Kyung Hee School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Specialty :

  • Breast cancer, thyroid cancer, parathyroid cancer, adrenal disease

Education :

  • Kyung Hee University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea(M.D. Degree)
  • The Graduate School, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea(Ph. Degree)
  • Department of Breast, Endocrine Surgery, Samsung Seoul Medical Center, SungKyunGwan University, Seoul, Korea(Fellowship)

Experience :

  • Research scholar in UCLA, USA
  • Fellow, Kyung Hee University Hospital, Korea
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Breast, Endocrine Surgery, Samsung Seoul Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
  • Director, Department of Breast Surgery, Busan Severance Hospital, Korea
  • Professor, Department of Breast & Thyroid Surgery, Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gang Dong, University of Kyung Hee School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Research papers/ Book chapters:

  • CD24 Expression and differential resistance to chemotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer (ONCOTARGET. 2017;8(24):38294-38308)
  • Prognostic value of putative cancer stem cell markers (CD24, CD44, CD133, and ALDH1) in human papillary thyroid carcinoma (Pathology Research and Practice. 2017;213(8):956-963)
  • Pectoral nerve block (Pecs block) with sedation for breast conserving surgery without general anesthesia ( 2017;93(3):166-169)
  • Rare tracheal mucoepidermoid carcinoma with invasion of thyroid gland initially misdiagnosed as invasive thyroid cancer (INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE. 2016;9(6):12242-12245)
  • Surgical outcomes of robotic thyroidectomy vs. conventional open thyroidectomy for papillary thyroid carcinoma (WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY. 2016;14(181):0-0)
  • Characteristics of quantitative perfusion parameters on dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in mammographically occult breast cancer (JOURNAL OF APPLIED CLINICAL MEDICAL PHYSICS. 2016;17(5):377-390)
  • Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (Madelung’s Disease) Presenting as Bilateral Huge Gynecomastia (JOURNAL OF BREAST CANCER. 2014;17(4):397-400)
  • BRAF mutation may predict higher necessity of postoperative radioactive iodine ablation in papillary thyroid cancer ( 2014;87(4):174-179)
  • Double Inversion Recovery MR Imaging of the Breast: Efficacy in Detection of Breast Cancer (JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING. 2014;39(1):51-58)
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  • etc.